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Have had great experiences with SUP to You. Once I went by the shop to look at new boards and had a really helpful chat with Steve about new equipment and what would be best for me. Another time rented boards for myself and some friends. It was easy to coordinate, they were delivered on time, and Steve offered us a free mini-lesson before starting our day. Boards were great quality and we had a nice time.

Miles S


Steve was on point and so knowledgeable about the boards. I got two from him for my boss and he was very happy! He delivered them to the location I needed and he was so quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. Thanks, Steve! Highly recommend.

Oriya H


I finally got my dream SUP! Thank you Steve for all of your expert advice! SUP to You met me at Dana Point harbor with 4 different boards based on our phone conversations regarding what I was looking for. Steve ran me through a mini paddle clinic and then I was able to try each of the boards. I went with the Bote HD Classic and Steve delivered it to my house and installed the racks to hang it in my garage. He even came back when the rail tape arrived and installed that. SUP to you has the boards, paddles, racks and all the add on gear you you could possibly need to make your SUP experience something easy enough to do daily. Thank you Steve and SUP to You!

Fran H


Steve was great. I was looking to try different fins on my board. He was very helpful in getting me demo fins that were specific to my goals! Thank you for your expertise.

May W


Steve was awesome, very informative and made you feel very comfortable on the boards. Had a great experience and look forward to using my new SUP.

Michelle N


I tested a bunch of different boards over the past year while saving for a new sup surfboard. One of the first boards I tested was the carbon surrator from Sup2You. I instantly liked the board and based all other board performance off the surrator. After a year of demoing and saving I decided to buy the 8’10” carbon surrator. I have had it for around a month now and have surfed it in everything from knee high slappers to head high + waves. I have been using it in the tri-fin set up and will switch to the quad here soon and update my review. I really like the board, it paddles pretty good for a short board and gets into waves surprisingly easy. With the rocker and pulled in nose, it is really easy to do late take-offs on waves. I have had a few waves almost breaking on me and I was able to make the steep drop without digging the nose. The board is very fast once up and running. It is responsive to turning and can beat out sectioning waves. I was lucky enough to catch some really clean surf a few days ago with some solid set waves rolling through. The board was amazing to ride, definitely increases the stoke factor when the board can perform on anything mother ocean throws at it.  I thought it was just me thinking how fast and smooth the board was until a few other sup’ers commented on a few waves I rode saying how fast the board was down the line. Even though the board is an 8’10”, it responds like a board that is 4-6″ shorter. The thinner rails and rounded pin tail help keep the volume on the board low which decreases the weight and increases performance. Some performance sup boards out there  are a few inches short but have more volume than this board. The deck pad is nice and grippy and comfortable during long sessions. I think the only issue I have with the board is everyone wants to check it out when on land or in the line-up 🙂 I am super stoked with the board, its construction, weight, performance… are all top notch. If you are looking to step up to a performance sup surfboard, definitely give the surrator a go, you will not be disappointed. 
Besides the board, Steve and the guys at SUP to you were great to work with. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to discuss a lot of different board options. I would not hesitate to buy another board from SUP2YOU.

Josh D


My daughters and I decided to try SUP while on vacation in southern CA. Steve and his team were great! It didn’t matter to him that we were from out of town, he made sure we had a memorable experience. After running through the basics of how to SUP we went out in the marina and paddled all over. The best was that we got to paddles amongst the seals and pelicans! So much fun!!! We will go back for sure on our next trip and if I buy a board I’ll go back to Steve to buy it. Great guys – great experience!

Mary W


Steve was patient, let me Demo as many boards as needed to feel comfortable with my purchase. He worked with me a second time and helped me choose between the two boards I used to narrow my decision. Delivered the board and paddle to my home. Process felt comfortable and painless! There’s a lot to paddling, board selection and paddle selection and it was priceless have Steve guide me every step of the way. I wouldn’t buy anywhere else.

Art V


I am an avid paddler …  Steve turned me onto a perfect combo light beautiful board that does everything ..  love love it ..  He delivers to me everything I need .. perfect Kialoa paddle he customed for me no extra charge … outrageous board bag slips on and off easy ..  delivers everything to your door or beach …  he is a God loving person that demonstrates ethics and honesty .. trust him and his products !!

MaryAnn R


Steve from SUP To You was amazing. He was informative and helpful on phone and in person. We arrived at Dana Point and found his van and our gear easily. It was cloudy and chilly so we asked to delay our paddle boarding for another hour, he said yes. We got in the water later and it was so much fun. I saw sea lions and a sting ray! We ended up spending more than 5 hours on the paddle boards, this was worth the money.

Andi B


Super friendly, super reasonably priced. We had a blast with paddle boarding last Saturday. 10 minute review of techniques before the action helped us a lot as well.

Mike L


Steve and team are fantastic. Got to try out different boards and definitely received the white glove treatment.

Ray D


Sup To You is a convenient way to stand up paddle board at your favorite location. They bring the boards to you and have excellent knowledge on the techniques of paddling and the best spots to go to.  Friendly service and reasonably priced at $60 per person for all day SUP. If you are looking for an activity to do at the beach I definitely recommend trying this out as it allows you to sightsee the beaches in a unique way and is both relaxing and fun to do. Just make sure you check the weather ahead of time because it can be more difficult to paddle board during windy weather in the ocean.

Nick G


Ryan and Steve got me sarted with this amazing sport…  Being able to try different boards made all the difference!

Véronique P


I used to think that excellent customer service was a thing of the past…that is until I met Steve at Sup to You Laguna Beach!  It always gives me a bit of hope when I come across a company that really truly puts customers first.  I was able to try out every board type before deciding what SUP’s to purchase.  Steve’s professional yet warm and welcoming approach to sales was pressure free and full of useful information.  I bought two Bote HD boards and amazing paddles along with rack pads and straps.

Tamara O


Best place to demo and buy quality SUP boards!!!!!

Lauren O

Ryan and the Sup To You crew here have zero ego.  They totally treated us like clients with whom they’ve been doing business for years. So refreshing. 

They really walked us through all of the considerations for purchasing a paddle.  Never rushed us.  We ultimately snapped up a Starboard oval handle.  Stoked.

Don’t half step.  Spend your money local…spend it here.

Brendon D


I am quite impressed with both service and knowledge that these guys have at Sup to You! To begin with, the stand up paddle board knowledge they provided was dead on. After listening to my experience as an avid surfer, mostly enjoying longboarding, and little to no experience with paddle boarding Steve provided some great guidance. With Steve’s suggestions I ended up demoing a few different boards and sizes before deciding on a model. Yeah, and they even let me try different boards to know what I’m getting into. Again, Steve suggested that I go a little smaller with my surfing experience and that I would grow into but not grow out of. Well, I’ve been now surfing on it for about a month and I’d have to say that Steve really dialed me in the right board, model and style. I’ve been on my surfboard only once since…wow hard to believe!!

Now about their service…it is over the top! Like it says on their website ( that they are a full service SUP provider, they really mean it. I really felt that they were more concerned about me than about my money! Their kind and friendly service is quite genuine and a breath of fresh air. I not only got into the my favorite “surf” board, but was set up with a proper paddle as well as other gear needed for my car and my time in the water. They even set me up with my board protection to keep it from scratches and dings.

I highly recommend these guys to anyone who is looking to purchase a SUP board…from a beginner to someone upgrading into a new board.

Thanks Steve for everything!!

David C


Check our SUP To You!!!! They Rock!

Marcela M


We were visiting Laguna from Wisconsin and wanted to SUP.   SUP to You was awesome! They delivered the boards right to the beach and threw in 2 extra boards just because. Steve was totally accommodating and super helpful. We will definitely rent from them again.

Lisa J


Steve Owen knows his boards and you receive excellent service. You can demo it first before buying which is a great opportunity! What enjoyment while on the water! GREAT SPORT!

Lauretta O


Very fun! I really enjoyed it   

Bonnie M


Steve was great meeting me down at Baby Beach and having several SUPs to demo.  Unfortunately, the one that I wanted was not in stock and he couldn’t find one anywhere.  That was not his fault but he really put in the effort and communication to try and make it work. 

I highly recommend that you give SUP To You a call before you buy a board.  And by the way, Steve only sells quality boards including Surftech and NSP, not the cheap-o brands.

Richard R


Great experience. 
Steve, the owner of SUP To You was helpful and friendly from beginning to end. My friends and I spent more than 5 hours paddle boarding, so it was worth the money. Most places charge by the hour, I’m so glad I had the rental boards all day with SUP To You.

Andi B


I went out for my second Sup experience with Steve and his team of volunteers at Baby Beach last Saturday, and once again had a blast! They provided an unforgettable experience for a group of us beginners, with options to try out different boards to find the best fit for each person. They were so patient with each of us (it was a fairly large group of around 15) as they explained, demonstrated, and assisted us in “Sup 101” techniques to ensure we all had an enjoyable experience. While they were extremely informative in explaining about the differences in boards and the sport in general, there was zero pressure to commit, and I was encouraged to continue testing more boards first. I will definitely be making my purchase through this company once I am ready for my first board!

MeeHae C


These guys are great! Always willing to give pointers, help, and suggestions for paddling, new boards, and paddle accessories, as well as one-on-one demos and lessons for newbies…on top of that, ALWAYS friendly and willing to help single gals load their boards onto their roof racks, lol!! 🙂

Donna H


Steve and SUP To You is  fantastic. Having done business with them for the last couple years (and buying 2 JPs and a Starboard surf SUPs), I can say they are second to none. Always outstanding service and advice. Foremost experts on SUP in the Orange County area.

Shane S


Fantastic operation. Can’t say enough about Steve. Deeply caring. Full of integrity. Handled my event with timely delivery of high-quality boards (including a couple high-end demo-type boards) and went above and beyond to help the participants. Easy to work with and a delight to have around. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this business to anyone! Will definitely call on this team next time I buy a board too…

Kara P


My husband and I bought our boards from them. Great guys, very knowledgeable. They do weekly demos at Baby Beach, and they bring out a wide selection of boards for you to try out. We will definitely use them again when we’re ready to upgrade again.

Beaker B


These guys are awesome!  Spent LOTS of time shopping different brands & dealers for my first paddleboard.  I always ended up back at “Sup to You.”  Owners/Operators, Steve & Ryan were friendly and helpful from the beginning.  With a wide variety of brands, shapes, styles and accessories, SUP to You had everything I needed to make the best decision.  It was very helpful being able to demo any board since I was indecisive on board size & shape.  The guys were patient & understanding to all of my concerns and I couldn’t be happier with my new board!  Thanks, SUP to You!!

Steve L


Sup to You is a great SUP shop!  Ryan showed me several boards that might fit my size and ability.  I ended up DEMOing the Laird “surfer” SUP.  Loved it!  Bought the board and got credit back for my DEMO cost.  Great deal!  I’ll definitely be back to Sup to You to check out other boards once I become a more accomplished surfer! 

Jim H


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