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Our SUPs Are Affordable, but Not Cheap

SUP to You is committed to ensuring that time spent on your new paddleboard is enjoyable. This means that we only carry quality brands of boards that are designed and constructed by the best in the country. We also understand that price matters, so our premium boards come in a wide range of price points. The price difference between a cheap stand up paddle board and a quality stand up paddle board is minimal, so when considering the long-term cost of continual replacement of a cheap board due to lack of durability, our quality boards are truly great value!

FSC Surf Fins

So What is the Difference?

The process of designing and constructing a quality stand up paddle board is a specialized art form involving professional teams of designers, shapers, and team riders who conduct extensive research and development, and perform numerous rounds of trials on multiple prototypes. The goal of this process is to produce the best paddle boards with optimal dimensions, weight, performance, durability, and shape to provide you with the most enjoyable stand up paddle boarding experience, as well as the greatest value for your money.

On the other hand, cheap paddle boards are mass produced copies manufactured in assembly lines, mostly in China. The materials used in their construction are poor in quality, resulting in a heavier SUP board that is difficult to handle and known to leak and crack easily, often falling apart within the first couple of seasons of use. The lack of precision in their design, combined with their heaviness also means that there is extra drag in the water, which affects glide and makes it difficult to paddle, taking away from some of the joys of supping.

Browse through our products and select the boards you would like to try out and sign up for a test ride today! If you’re not sure, we can help access the ones that would be best suited to your needs and skills.  Check out all our options below.

Test Drive Before You Buy

Private SUP Demos

Sup To You offers PRIVATE DEMOS! Unable to make it to Baby Beach on a Saturday? No problem! We have demo boards for every model that we carry and can schedule private one-on-one demos for you to test drive multiple SUP boards side by side. For an $80 deposit that goes toward the purchase of your board, select the models you would like to try and either take them out on the water on your own, or one of our SUP specialists can paddle along with you to demonstrate and explain the features of each board. If you are serious about buying a board, our private demos are a great way to ensure the most fitting purchase for you!

Weekly SUP Demo Days

Buying a paddle board is an investment and we want to help you to make the best decision. Our weekly SUP Demo Days are from 9 am to 3 pm every Saturday at Baby Beach in Dana Point. Drop by the SUP to You canopy to test drive all the different types and models of stand up paddle boards that we carry. The beach gets busy during the summer so come early and consider scheduling your demo time in advance as we can fill up very quickly.

Whether you’re just getting into paddle boarding and looking for a beginner board, advancing out of a beginner board toward the next level, or are an experienced rider wanting to try something completely different, our Demo Days are a great opportunity for you to make sure your next purchase is perfect for you!

Stand Up Paddle Board Gear

We specialize in helping find the stand up paddle board that is the best fit for you and are dedicated to providing the best stand up paddleboarding options for the widest diversity of people. We carry an extensive range of carefully-selected premium boards of every type and use including “all around” boards, hybrids, touring/performance boards, SUP surfing boards, SUP yoga boards, fishing paddle boards, and inflatable paddle boards as well as a selection of used paddle boards.

'All Around' Paddle Boards

The all around paddle board is a versatile board that can be used for a variety of occasions and conditions, and is great for beginners and seasoned riders alike. Designed by some of the top shapers to ensure optimum performance and stability, our all around SUP boards are ideal for lakes and harbors, as well as the open ocean – you can even catch some waves on them!

Sup Surfing Boards

Paddle board surfing has been rapidly growing in popularity and is a great next step for intermediate to advanced paddlers, as well as a fun alternative for experienced surfers. You can be confident that SUP to You’s surf SUP collection is the cream of the crop as we carry the latest innovative shapes for you to shred those waves! Take on the challenge of paddle surfing with our highly maneuverable SUP surfing boards!

Inflatable Paddle Boards

An inflatable SUP board provides convenience and ease in transportation and storage, and our collection are top of the line products that deliver the highest performance of inflatable paddle board around! Gain convenience without compromising on quality with SUP to You!

Used Paddle Boards

Our past-season demo boards that are being replaced by new models are sold at ridiculously low prices! Check out these sweet deals for our well cared for, premium-brand models.

SUP Deals

Check out these great deals! We carry last year’s premium brand models at prices comparable to the knock offs. Your very own premium shaped and constructed SUP is not out of reach!

Hybrid SUP Boards

The hybrid SUP is a cross between a touring board and an all around board. They are wider, have greater volume and are built with a nose rocker (an upward curve in the nose) to provide better stability with ultimate glide and tracking for easy handling in all conditions from flat water to open ocean.  One of our best-selling paddleboard categories with good reason!

Paddle Board Yoga

Take your yoga practice to the next level with SUP Yoga! With its origins in 1940s Hawaii, stand up paddle board yoga adds to traditional yoga the challenges of a moving, floating surface to help refine your technique. Not to mention the beauty of the environment as you practice! Check out our yoga paddle board collection, specifically designed and constructed for stability with an expansive deck pad for you to practice your positions.

Performance / Touring Paddle Boards

These stand up paddle boards provide the ultimate in glide and efficiency, while still being stable enough for all levels. Suitable for all conditions, and specially constructed for long distances, our performance/touring boards are the latest, most innovative designs around!

Fishing Paddle Boards

The fishing paddle board has the largest volume of all SUP types and come fitted with pre-installed scotty mounts. There are also options for rod holders, fish finders, and a host of other accessories!

Take your fishing game out into open waters without having to invest in a boat or kayak and have the perfect view of underwater activities as you enjoy paddle board fishing.

Check out our fantastic fishing SUP collection with all the accessories you could hope for!

SUP Paddles

Having the right SUP paddle can greatly enhance the quality of your enjoyment on the water, and SUP to You can help get you set up with the best SUP paddle that is customized to fit you.

Performance/ Recreational Paddles

Your SUP paddle should be designed with the highest quality and lightest weight to give you the most efficiency out of every stroke. The last thing you want is to get bogged down with a heavy, cumbersome paddle to fatigue you, so invest in a quality SUP paddle that will help you to conserve energy and enjoy more water time!

Surf Paddles

The most elite surfers on the planet have spent countless hours testing to find the best SUP paddle for surfing, resulting in our selection of these SUP paddles that are specifically designed for SUP surfing. Our range of surf paddles help you to conserve precious energy so you can spend more time out on the water!

Sup Boat Rack, paddle board rack for boat

We have all the paddle board Necessities you'll need - and all the Paddle Board accessories you want!

From transport, storage, and safety needs to various board attachments and add-ons, SUP TO YOU is a full service outfitter providing not only all the parts, but the expertise and personalized service to ensure that yo are taken care of from A to Z.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will provide a full consultation to find out exactly what you need in order to get you fully equipped with all the gear you need, and even install your paddle board roof rack on your car or your storage rack in your garage for free!  

Paddle Board Accessories

PFD: personal flotation device

SUP paddle boards are considered vessels by the US Coast Guard, hence a PFD is required to be worn or strapped to your board. Our PFDs provide the safety you need without discomfort or hindrance to your mobility.

SUP Leashes

A SUP leash can be an essential item for some types of SUP boarding, including SUP surfing. We can help get you set up with the best SUP leash for your specific needs to ensure you don’t get separated from your board.

Paddle Board Car Racks, Pads and Straps

You don’t have to own a large vehicle or truck to get into the SUP paddle board lifestyle. SUP to You can supply you with the paddle board rack, pads, and straps for any four-door vehicle, or vehicle with mounting racks. We will even install them for you free of charge! Transporting your board has never been easier.

Paddle Board Storage Racks And Paddle Board Wall Racks

A paddle board storage rack or paddleboard wall rack makes it easier to access your boards, and helps declutter your garage or home. We offer a variety of options, from single to multiple-board racks, and even provide free installation!

Dry Bags

You may want to take some personal belongings with you when touring on your paddle board, or even just going out for a day trip or sunset paddle. Our dry bags can keep your items dry and protected, so you can enjoy your paddle time without missing any calls!

Paddle Board Locks

Keep your SUP safe and enjoy peace of mind! Our lock systems allow you to leave your board strapped to your car without worrying about theft.

Paddle Board Booties

SUP booties not only keep your feet warm during the colder months in the water, they also help to stabilize overall body temperature while providing traction on your board and protection from rocky sea beds.

Paddle Board Covers & Bags

SUP covers and SUP bags will help keep your board protected from the sun and heat in the transportation process, especially on longer drives or trips, and will also keep dirt and debris off your board when stored in the off-season.

Paddle Board Carriers

A variety of straps and handles can make carrying your SUP from home to vehicle, and from vehicle to water much easier. They can also free up your hands to carry other items, hold your child’s hand, or your dog’s leash. Enjoy the convenience of our carriers along with the freedom to attend to your other needs!

SUP Fins

Having the right paddle board fin is important for balance, speed, control, and maneuverability. Our SUP specialist can help you choose the optimal fins for your board depending on a variety of factors including board type, shape, and size, as well as your skill level, and the type of paddle boarding you are going for.

SUP Deck Traction & SUP Deck Pads

Our deck traction and pads come in options designed for different SUP types including the inflatable stand up paddle board, yoga paddle board or surf SUP in various sizes, and can even provide a place for your dog to join you on the water!

Inflatable Paddle Board Accessories

You can pick up a range of accessories for your inflatable sup from SUP to You, including a SUP pump and a variety of traveling accessories.

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